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Rules & Regulation

* Lawn rent cheque should be on favour of “ Platinum Holding
* 100 % advance payment against confirmation ( non refundable in case of cancellation or postponement ).
* All Government taxes that are applicable shall be borne by the applicant.
* Production dismantle schedule is given in this contract, and management will strictly follow the same . Delaying of the event/program will attract 15%   décor charges per hour.
* 100 % of the payment must be made 30(thirty) days prior to the function & balance if any, strictly to be paid on the day of function by cash.
* Kindly note that rates mentioned in the rate card are our standard package & minimum rates, the same will be charged as per final requirement and   selection.
* Any extra work on site other than mentioned in the written contract will be charged separately.

* All the decor, lights, & flower décor provide by Green View farm Management ONLY.

* The applicant reserving the ground for programs/functions etc. which require Police permission/Fireworks permission or any other kind of applicable permission. Green View Farm   management is not responsible to take any kind of permission/or any legal procedure/protocols.
* Any kind of PYRO techniques is strictly not allowed on main face road adjoining to Green View Farm.
* Political activities or any other activity which is against Government or Green View Farm’s interest will not be allowed.
* Performance or program reciting musical songs or other items like jokes,mimicry etc. against any caste, community, Government or Nation shall not be permitted.
* It is strictly prohibited to arrange such programs, which are prohibited under any State or Central Enactment Laws and Rules that are in force from time to time.
* The GREEN VIEW FARM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right of admission to any person/persons or party/parties without assigning any reason whatsoever.
* The management of GREEN VIEW FARM can check the arrangements at any time.
* Consumption of any alcoholic beverages, beer, drugs is strictly prohibited in the premises & parking areas.

* All Reservations/bookings are subject to cancellation without any prior notice for the reasons beyond the control of the GREEN VIEW FARM management.

* In case of electricity failure GREEN VIEW FARM management will not be responsible.

* Parking of vehicles in GREEN VIEW FARM will be as per Security Guard’s guidance. GREEN VIEW FARM Management will not be responsible for any loss,damage or theft of any vehicle.

* The applicant using the ground shall have to maintain the GREEN VIEW FARM ground/grass,property ect. In good condition. GREEN VIEW FARM management shall have the right to recover such amount as compensation in case of damage to ground/grass,plant,tree or other properties.
* GREEN VIEW FARM management shall not be responsible for any loss or theft of any articls belonging to any party or person(s) , any agencies & event organizer.
* Applicant/Party booking or using the Lawn shall be held fully responsible for any loss or damage done to the GREEN VIEW FARM Property ( movable or immovable ).

* In case of consecutive Lawn booking by two different parties,both the parties are required to work with mutual understanding so that each other’s programs are not disturbed/suffered.
* The applicant booking and/or using the Lawn shall be held fully responsible for any kind of injuries, accident ect. that happens to other guests, their family members and also the staff members of the GREEN VIEW FARM, which may arise on account of the Lawn booking, the mamagement will not be liable or responsible for the same.
* For disputes arising out of and during the course of Lawn reservation, the decision of the Management shall be final and binding on all.
* All clients to keep Third Party Insurance for each event/function for each shift/session at their own expense.